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12.01.2008 17:02

JCTV on amerikkalainen nuorille ja nuorille aikuisille suunnattu kristillinen televisiokanava, joka lähettää paljon musiikkia ja puheohjelmia.

TV316 jakaa JCTV:n ohjelmalinkkiä sivuillaan. Ohjelma näkyy suoraan ulkomailla olevalta palvelimelta, joten näkyvyys tai ohjelmavirran laatu eivät ole tv316:n kontrolloitavissa. 

JCTV:n kotisivut: www.jctv.org

JCTV:n esittely sen omilla sivuilla 

JCTV is a Christian youth network designed for the 13-30 age group. What makes JCTV different is that while most television networks are profit driven, meaning that they need to get something out of their viewers regardless of the social or emotional impact on their lives, JCTV wants to put back into the lives of our viewers by giving them programming that is not only entertaining but also builds up the viewer both individually and together as a community.

JCTV does this thru multiple types of programming from music videos with positive messages, to issue driven talk shows that equips viewers with tools to resolve issues in ones life. Also, action sports programming that highlights athletes that are making a difference in others lives, plus live events, concerts and much, much more.

JCTV is about promoting community, not forcing anything on anyone or discriminating against people with different back grounds or religions, we hope to love everybody, especially those from different back grounds and cultures. Our hope is to be a light by sharing the good news of Jesus Christ, which is that God loves you and that He has a plan for your life: plans for good not bad to give you a hope and a future! This is something that we at JCTV are grateful to have experienced first hand thru the grace and kindness of God and the community of Christians who mercifully, although not always perfectly, follow God’s plan for their lives.

JCTV Programming:
Much of JCTV’s programming is music driven with solid blocks of straight music videos, top 10 music video count down shows, music video shows that feature interviews with many of today’s top artist - and specials concert performances from some of today’s top concerts and festivals. However, we have a lot more than just music programming. 


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